Counter Strike: Global Offensive (aka CS:GO), as many of you know, is a first person shooter game with a lot of focus on the competitive aspect. The game requires a certain set of skills and ability to pwn your enemies, and when it comes to skill we all know that… we’ll come to cheats! CS:GO is probably one of the most (if not the most) full of cheaters paid game, and the creators (Valve + Hidden Path Entertainment) can’t do anything for it. Throughout the various updates of the game, they’ve released several ways and workarounds to trying stopping cheaters (always failing), but in the end we all know that they won’t stop cheaters, for obvious money reasons. Getting a cheap CS:GO copy is really easy, as it is really easy to cheat.

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There are near to no protections compared to other paid games (well, don’t take me wrong, there are some cheap protections like untrusted checks but…) and the community itself is full of cheaters. Just for example, this section of UC is probably one of the most visited and active UC sections (mods, get ready to prove the opposite).

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CounterStrike Tips

Benefits of CSGO hacks and smurf accounts

1. They increase the possibility of reaching a higher rank.

2. They can help maintain the rank properly.

3. They offer liberty to eradicate the in-game restrictions.

4. They help in calibrating better.

5. They help to face the cheaters.

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